Catalan Cosmetic
Company Info

Thank you for your interest in Catalan Cosmetics. We are a company created in the United States of America, in the State of Florida, to be more specific Miami Dade County. We have been established since 2007, our biggest commitment is to provide our best service possible. Our company is aware of the growing need of our consumers in their daily lives including the use of natural products. In our days it is necessary to consider first the needs of our clients and to offer a product that pleases and satisfies the needs of each one of you. That's why we offer an 80% or more of natural products to our line. Each of them has been thoroughly studied and tested. The development of these takes place in a prestigious laboratory with unique formulas that meet all standards and specifications established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

After three years working very hard seeing market acceptance of our products through infomercials and distributors. Today we open another door to our customers, our online store Our online store has been created to inform and provide more effective service to our customers. Our store provides its guests a comprehensive inventory of natural and bio-organic products. Which were created to care for your hair, skin, hands, feet, health, in short everything you need. Our greatest pleasure is to invite you to read and discover within our vast universe of products, what you need to feel and look great. Our online store as a good business insures and protects our clients with their private information, all monetary transactions. All of the information is safeguarded by the Secure sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption Certificate.